Energy Diet HD - Weight Loss Program Starter Pack (Save 20%)


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Energy Diet range of products does not completely replace your regular foods but helps you to develop healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime!

  • START: You only replace all meals per day for 3 to 5 days (depending on weight goal) to kick-start your metabolism and set your body into weight loss mode.
  • REINFORCE: On the 4th or 6th day (depending on weight goal), you start incorporating regular healthy foods to your diet until reaching weight goal. 
  • MAINTAIN: Once per day at dinner time upon reaching desired weight. If you have lost 5 kgs, then it would be best to adhere to this program for the next five months or until you can keep up with correct eating habits.

Good to know:

  • A glass of water or other permitted drink immediately after drinking a cocktail or 15-20 minutes after a meal enhances the saturation effect.
  • Nutritionists recommend to drink on average 6-7 glasses - or about 2 liters - of water per day. This amount is physiological and maintains the normal functioning of the body. Compliance with the water regime is also important when using the Energy Diet products in the diet.
  • Energy Diet fans often mix cocktails - vanilla and red fruits, mushrooms and chicken, chocolate and banana... so there are much more than 11 flavors to enjoy!
  • For the preparation of one serving, 1 measuring spoon (one flavor or a mixture of flavors - at your discretion) and 200 ml of milk of 1.5% (low fat) content is required.
  • Contains milk and egg proteins (animal proteins), soybean and pea proteins (vegetable proteins), and covers the entire set for essential and non-essential amino acids.

    There are variants that do not contain animal proteins (if mixed with water). These are: Raspberry, Mushroom, and Chicken.

    However, these flavors still include vegetable oil, which contains a small amount of casein (a substance of milk origin).



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